Why Us

People Advantage :


Our key strength is our employees. We have a core team of analysts with combined experience of more than 30 years. All of our analysts are with higher degrees, having the capability to analyse complex data and interpret meaningful outcomes. Our analysts come with strong experience in various industries such as Technology, IT Security, Automotive, Aerospace and Defense, Real Estate, and Energy and Utilities, and has experience of working in strategic roles in previous organisations they were associated with.


Outcome-based Pricing :


One of the key principles of Down-To-a-T is its customer integrity. Keeping customer integrity in mind, we offer our clients a unique and first-of-its-kind outcome-based pricing model. The pricing for reports and projects depends on the rating that the client provides. In case a client is not happy with the outcome, we offer a discounted price for their next project.


This unique outcome-based pricing is explained to clients and prospective clients in further detail during the contract phase.

Why Us

Proprietary Market Sizing Tool and 360-degree Approach:


Down-To-a-T uses its own proprietary market research tool, which is a three-pronged approach, utilising the skills and capabilities of the research analysts and survey analysts. The survey analysts collect data through primary interviews across the globe from selected participants, while the market intelligence analyst conducts high-level desk-based research as well as focus interviews with experts in the market. Based on the focus interviews, surveys, and desk-based research, the market intelligence analysts triangulate the results to form opinions and strategic output that are put together in the research pieces.


This unique approach helps us take a 360-degree approach and considers the viewpoint of all stakeholders involved in the market.


Customisation :


We understand the varying needs to clients and offer customisation of our reports. In discussion with clients, we agree to customize 10% of the syndicated reports (based on the client’s requirements). This 10% customization allows clients to add, remove, or change sections that will make the report more valuable to the client.

Further details about customisation and how it works is explained to clients during the initial negotiation and during the contract phase.


Subscription Service :


Subscription service allows a client to convert from “ad-hoc customer” to “subscription customer”. A “subscription customer” has certain benefits over “ad-hoc customer”, such as 10% discount on all reports, 20% customisation instead of the regular 10% customisation, pre-notification of upcoming reports, and priority customer service.


Subscription service comes with 6 months, 9 months, 1 year, 2 years, and 3 years option, with the option to break-out of the service in-between, by paying a nominal fee.


Further details of the subscription service are provided to clients during calls and before the contract phase.