We offer a wide range of custom research service such as market sizing and segmentation, market opportunity assessment.


Syndicated research is one of our core offerings and we publish a wide range of reports on a monthly basis on topics ranging from IT security.


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Who we are for Down To A T Consulting

Down-To-a-T, founded in 2018, is a global market intelligence and advisory services provider headquartered in Bengaluru, India. Our research and analysis focus on the high growth verticals, emerging areas and sectors that offer growth opportunity or are witnessing shifts.


We utilise a unique 360-degree approach, analysing a market from each and every stakeholder’s viewpoint. This, combined with inputs from field executives helps us produce a high-level strategic output, which has helped several of our clients optimize their position in the market


Market opportunity assessment of the automotive smart parking market

Situation : The client is a technology solution provider to high-end automotive manufacturers and has a presence in several verticals within the automotive space. The client is a B2B product and technology provider and has several high-end automotive OEMs as its clients. Complication : Of late, the client has observed a slow down of growth […]

Study of the commercial aircraft avionics market and identifying growth opportunities

Situation : The client is a key player in the commercial aircraft avionics space, with a presence in multiple areas and has several aircraft manufacturers as its clients. Complication : The client has witnessed the entrance of several new firms with advanced avionics technologies and solutions that the client feels may act as serious challenge […]

Understanding the digital mindfulness market and identifying key customer segments

Situation : The client has a presence in the mindfulness mobile application space for more than one year and has successfully seen double-digit growth in the last one year – especially in the B2C segment.   Complication : The client was looking to foray into the B2B segment and serve companies that offer mindfulness service […]


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